The left photo is me with my two little ladies on our Safari train ride (our youngest was napping in the stroller =/).

Hi and welcome! My name is Kim Thoa. I am a watercolor artist and designer. My online journey began in 2013 when I first opened my online shop selling vector designs as a way to stay home with my two young children. The shop gained traction within a year, and it really opened my eyes to the many opportunities that are available online for work-at-home moms. The possibility that I could stay home with my children while making a living was just beyond my wildest dreams.


In 2016, I had my third child. It was also the peak of my online shop, yet despite the moderate success, I felt stagnant and unfulfilled with my vector illustrations. I then kept my first shop on autopilot while I researched other business ideas. By chance, I came across a market place called Creative Market and observed that fonts and watercolor resources had a lot of potential. I tried both and was terrible at both, but I persisted at watercolor, and the more I understood the medium, the more I loved it.


In the fall of 2017, I released my first watercolor design set and it was the best decision of my life. I was terrified and the set was horrible, but practice makes progress. I feel so grateful to call myself a partial full-time illustrator and designer, and nothing thrills me more than knowing that my work is empowering other creators. 


This site is a work-in-progress, but done is better than perfect. I hope you find something of value to you whenever you drop by. My goal is to focus on blogging and the site more in late 2020, but for now I truly enjoy creating watercolor resources.


May you always find and create beauty in your life.