Do you believe that you can get anything you desire in life? When I say desire, I’m referring to the things you want to manifest in your life–such as your life’s purpose or long-term goals. If you do believe that almost anything is within reach then good on you! You’re probably well on your way.

And for the rest of you who think that getting anything you want is too good to be true, I have written this article just for you!

I’ll let you in a secret–the human capacity is almost limitless! How else do you think you’re able to read my thoughts through the devise you’re using and this ethereal world wide web? And how did we even get a human to land on the moon? It’s because a group of people believed that it is possible. All inventions and creations begin with a single thought or inspiration. And thoughts are energy. Energy is life and it can be manifested!

But before we go on, just a quick disclaimer: Some things are truly impossible–such as going against gravity or stretching your neck as high as a giraffe. But for all other desires within human reach, there are specific steps that you can take to give life to your desires.

Be Clear

In order to get what you want, you need to know what you want! Seems obvious right? So obvious that most of us scheme through this fundamental step. We have to be very specific with our desires. Yes you want to get your dream house. But how does it look? What is the interior like? Is it beside a lake or on top of a hill? Getting specific also helps with goal settings. But most importantly, you need to be single-minded in your decision and intention. You have to tell yourself that Yes, this is what I want and I will get it.

Know Your Why

Just as important as knowing exactly what you want, you need to know why you want it. And your why has to ultimately align with your values and life goals. Say you care about animals but you set up a business that uses real animal fur–your business is going against your fundamental values! This is an obvious example, but what if you have a deep love for travelling but the career you’re pursuing demands a lot of time in a specific location? You’re definitely climbing the wrong ladder here. I cannot stress how important it is to know your why and have it laser-focused. It will definitely help you stay the course when things get tough.

Be Passionate

Your desire has to be strong my friend! So strong that you can feel your heart sing with glee and burn with fire. Because things will get tough–especially when you first start out. And when things get really tough, it is your passion that will push you through the hard and the ugly (unfortunately nothing is ever just roses and petals).

Show Up

Consistency is so underrated! Yes, it doesn’t sound super fun or attractive, but consistency is definitely the one factor that separates the achiever from the non-achiever. Show up to your dream everyday! Consistent actions build momentum. It also helps you become a trusted authority in your niche and most importantly, you will also begin to have faith in yourself.

Have Faith

Having faith in yourself and believing that your desires will materialize is so important! When you are rooted in faith, you will show up everyday despite seeing no result. Your faith in the future outcome allows you to see beyond your present conditions especially when the going gets tough. As stated in the bestselling book The Alchemist, When you want something and take the leap of faith to go for it, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it. How awesome it is to know that the universe has your back? Because it does! All we need to do is show up and surrender–which brings us to the next point.


When we surrender, we are detached from the outcome. What does this mean? Well, we need to stay open! I wholeheartedly believe that we must persevere in our desires. But what if you spend your entire life trying to become a Hollywood star and really you are meant to be a YouTube influencer? Remember, the universe has your back? And so if you keep showing up to this desire and knocking on the universe’s door and she ain’t responding, maybe it’s a hint that you’re knocking on the wrong door! Trust the process and stay open to possibilities outside of your current imagination.

And that’s really it! It all sounds easy said than done, but from my own experience, every time I am single-minded in my intensions and desires, and I continue to show up everyday with unwavering faith,  I always manifest what I seek out to achieve.

What about you? What do you truly desire? Write them down if you must and take action! Life is truly beautiful when it is rooted in purpose and meaning. And if you have additional helpful tips, share it with us in the comment below =).